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My Alexa Skill is live!

I don't have a tutorial ready to go yet, but I did want to promote the fact that my Alexa skill is now live and ready to use. You can enable it here. If you have any issues with it or find any bugs, do let me know. ...

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Cameron Ezell

Automating a Twitter Bot with AWS Lambda

I’ve always been a fan of The Simpsons and have been following @simpscreens on Twitter for a while, an account that tweets a random frame of the show every 30 minutes. It's pretty entertaining catching the occasional out-of-context image from the show in my Twitter feed so I decided to set out and create my own version for another of my favorite animated sitcoms: King of the Hill. You can check it out here: ...

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Cameron Ezell

Failed to start service: Unit service not found -- Upgrading Ubuntu from 14.04 to 16.04

Just this week I decided I would finally make the jump from Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 on this server. (I try to stick with the LTS versions of Ubuntu so I never really spent any time in Ubuntu 15.04.) I went ahead and took a snapshot of my EBS in AWS (just in case something went wrong) and started the upgrade. After the upgrade completed and the server was back online... my ...

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Cameron Ezell

Getting Started With Appium in AWS Device Farm for iOS

Lately I've been interested in moving our iOS app testing to AWS Device Farm. This allows us to share testing results across different teams, view historical performance, and easily test on many different iOS devices. I thought I would share my experience here and how I got started. AWS Device Farm currently supports Appium tests for Java JUnit, Java TestNG, and Python. I wrote my tests in Python so this guide will reflect that. Before ...

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Cameron Ezell

How to Encrypt an EBS Volume in AWS

If you're using AWS in an environment where privacy is a huge concern (ex. HIPAA) you'll need to make sure that each of your servers with the potential to have any protected health information (PHI) is encrypted. When you launch a server with a public AMI (RedHat, Ubuntu, etc.) the volume will launch unencrypted. This makes sense since every AWS customer needs to launch from this same AMI, and we can't all share the same ...

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